Who we are

Welcome to the website of Tokyo Public Law Office, Foreigners and International Service Section (FISS).
FISS is a team of professionals with extensive experience in handling cases involving foreign nationals. Our aim is to provide necessary legal services to all foreign nationals in need of assistance.

Our Features and Strengths:
・We specialize in cases involving foreign nationals and international matters.
・We have lawyers who can provide legal advice in English and French.
・We can arrange to have interpreters for various languages other than English and French.
・Reservations can be made in English, Chinese and Spanish.
・The headquarter of FISS is located in Minato-ku, near the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.


2016.1.10 A column by Attorney toshiteru Shibaike was published on The Japan Times LIFELINES.
Treaty obligations and severity of crime key in extradition cases
2016.1.10 A column by Attorney Akira Ishizuka was published on The Japan Times LIFELINES.
Under Japanese law, there's more to paternity than DNA
2015.9.1 Legal Seminar for foreign consular staffs will be held on 16 September
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2015.4.18 Attorney Toshiteru Shibaike gave a lecture on "Overview of Divorce Law in Japan" at Philippine Embassy in Tokyo.