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The following are the examples of areas most often practiced, but cases in other areas can also be handled upon request. Legal advice can be provided by the lawyer in Japanese and English. For other languages, we can arrange interpreters.

●Visa application
Extension, change, invitation from overseas etc.
●Appeal for special permission of residence
for those without residential status
●Refugee assistance
●Administrative litigation

Family Issues
●Divorce/international divorce
●Custody and child support
●Hague Child Abduction
●Recognition and adoption of a child
●Inheritance and wills

Labor Issues
●Layoffs and non-payment of wages
●Changes in working conditions without consent
●Harassments and work-related accidents
●Incorporation and administration of companies
●Drafting and reviewing of contracts

Other Civil Issues
●Compensation claims (for traffic accidents, etc.)
●Real estate and lease-related issues

Liquidation and Bankruptcy
●Support for cases involving inability to repay loans or cases where demands for repayment cannot be met.

Criminal Defense and Juvenile Escort
●Foreign language support regarding Japanese criminal procedures for suspected and accused individuals who have been arrested or detained.